What is Our NFT Loan Default?

As passionate professionals we are here to serve all parties in the NFT market. It was an exciting challenge to build a program with conditions in which all users of credit NFT; lenders, borrowers, and the intermediary (us) end up winners. And we have done just that.

Our NFT loan default is at 20%, out of which 10% can stay in the wallet of a third-party participant, and the other 10% goes to us, depending on the way you build the credit chain. However, since this market is all about flexibility, we always review each case individually so you remain comfortable with the terms.

The Best NFT Credit Platform on The Market

NFT Credit allows you to borrow against your NFT investment and get money fast. First we do an assessment of your NFT using the AI tool we developed specifically for this purpose. We check the price at each marketplace, so that we get a good estimate of the value. We can do this with any type of NFT: static and dynamic visual art, music, physical homes etc.

NFT loans are already possible! Ours is a platform which functions like a bank or loan broker, but it is specifically for NFTs. You list your NFT and other users of the platform can loan you the money based on the value of your item. Our platform receives a small percentage of the loan amount for acting as a broker and we have your NFT as collateral.

Features of our Platform

You are in a need of liquidity but don’t want to get rid of your valuable NFT investment We offer NFT crypto loans which will allow you to collateralize your NFT for a certain period and provide you with liquidity.

Live Database

We have created our own live database to value your NFT, our algorithm is tracking prices, rankings, and sales to give a fuller and fairer valuation. This is made possible with the transparency of the blockchain which allows us to track every transaction.

NFT Calculator

You might be wondering how much you can get using your loan as collateral, that is why we have created our NFT Credit Calculator where you can see the highest amount you can get for a loan and what your interest rate is likely to be.

Track Your Investments

We have included the additional feature of tracking your credit history to assist you in making future financial decisions. You can also track your loan deadlines and time-frames, investments and much more. If you want to get updated on any of your loans or investments, you can also use our in-built notification system.

NFT Investment - Gain Crypto Liquids or NFTs

Our users have the option to either lend or borrow NFTs.

  • The lenders use their NFTs as collateral so they can get their NFT credit quickly and easily. We offer the opportunity to make their NFT investments go further.
  • The borrowers pick which NFTs they want and what percent they want as a return*.

NFT prices can vary from a few dollars to millions, so everyone can take advantage of our service.

*The price of the loan is worked out under the market price, so you are guaranteed to still get your money back.

Credit Rating & How You Can Benefit

Follow Your Credit or Investment

If you would like to make an investment in NFTs but currently do not hold the required amount of money, you can get credit to make your first purchase. One of the parameters we use when approving your credit is your credit rating. If you have a good and consistent track-record, the chance of receiving a new loan is much higher.

Furthermore, when you sign up with us, you get additional benefits such as access to bonuses and discounts on future credits. We award our best customers with higher credit ratings and make their investments even more profitable.

Our Team

Our team is a canny combination of NFT nerds and financial professionals. All of us contribute to making sure we are at the top of our industry.

We started this project because we know you want to start your NFT portfolio and that it will take time for you to pull the money together. But the longer you wait, the more the price increases and you see your desired NFTs slipping further out of your grasp. Now that is where we come in!

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have a few questions about NFT Credit! Below are some of the most commonly asked questions.

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